Design of two list screen not visible

hello Team,
i have two list in one screen but the end of second is not visible.
i need help for this desing issue.

Hi @candi44 :wave: :wave:

In that list is there any details to show? I mean the not showing part. Or did you set a visibility condition for the text? Is the both lists are custom lists?

Thank you :blush:

@candi44 did you set the fixed type of the lists to bottom? And in the lists did you set the maximum number of items to 1?

Hello @dilon_perera
this second list dont have condition, but text is not visible.
yes there is a simple liste.

So two simple lists and not setted any visibility condition. Am I right?

no, i dont fix any think, but the list can have more than one element

no, the first is custom list and second is simple list, but the end of second one is not visible.

Hmm. Ok I understand

Hey @candi44 I also tried and the same problem happened to me and I removed the custom list and it works great.

@candi44 I think you have to use two custom lists or two simple lists. This is my thought. Others also share their experience.

Thank you :blush:

hi @dilon_perera let me try and come to you,
tank you for your time

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Your welcome @candi44 :blush:

hey @dilon_perera i have another matter with ly designCapture1
this icon with in blue, in my costumer phone he have this : ???
do you know somethink about it?

look this question mark, what i put is this icone :white_check_mark:
that is screenshot of my client.