Issue with space after list

I’m having a weird issue with one of my screens… I have a custom list, with a group directly below. The group is right below the list, but whenever I preview the screen it shows a big gap between the two.


Hi Jessica,

I actually had this issue in one of my apps a few days ago and I kind of found a workaround for this “bug”.

  1. Create a collection in your database called **Random Collection,

make sure to add one record like “test” so this could work

  1. Then go to the text under your list, and click the little three dots at the top right

  2. Click make list.

  3. Then for what the list is for you do the “Random Collection” that we made in the beginnning.

Then click preview and it should work!

Thanks for the suggestion, James.

Considering this a hack to the problem, I was wondering if anyone else has found a more standard solution? Or whether Adalo is aware of this bug? :slight_smile: I, for one, am frequently experiencing it.

It doesn’t work. That’s a really serious issue…