How do I prevent notifications when I'm on the page

Is their a way to prevent message notification from going to my user when their already on the page?

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if this isn’t a way Id pay for a developer who could make a plug in that tells when your on a certin screen/ buy it when its on the market

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I think you can create some think like that.

  1. Add a True/False record to user named NOTIFY
  2. When user enter chatroom > Action > Update current user > Notify > False
  3. Trigger Notification ( send button in chat ) with Sometimes happens conditionnal > Current user’s ( Not login user ) is True
    When user go back to previous page > Update current user > Notify > True

But there’s a mess : When user quit app this True/False don’t update and user can’t receive notification.

Sorry I’m not expert, I just give you a road :slight_smile:

Ya this was the issue I had before because it would do that if someone someone just turned off their phone

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Yes, tha’t the problem

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