Custom visibility Component

Hello Guys, so this is an adalo Desktop app where i am sharing some of my custom component. If you’re interested: Adalo Components

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This is great. I was thinking of building something like this myself. Glad to see that you tackled it!

Does it accept collection filters?

Hello Tylerssn, first thanks for your feedback,
Yes you can use collection filters, check the image below.

Hey Jimmy :wave:

This component is great.

Thank you :blush:

Hello Dilon,

Thanks for your feedback, appreciated :blush:

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Soon I’m gonna release a special one for greeting. Stay tuned.

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Superb Jimmy. :+1: :ok_hand: :facepunch:

Sorry, what I meant was do any of the conditional display components support list-style filtering?

Hello tylerssm,

yes you can make the components a list.

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