Customising List

Hi guys :wave:,

I am creating an Auction but I am having challenges putting filters to lists for each price range. Can you please assist with this?

Not sure If I fully got it, but you can create a select field with the price range and then in the list you add a custom filter where you choose form inputs and select that input field.

Hi Sebastas,

Not sure I follow ur suggestion, but I would like each screen to have it’s own price range. For example the list below should only have a price Range of prices from 100-1000. As users bid the money goes up, it’s just tooooo confusing if all bids are on one screen, that’s y I divided them.

Secondly my CHK boxes r also not working, what filters can I put in to make sure the user chooses one CHK box?

So you want to click on the “bidding range” button and then only show a screen with the bids in that range, is that correct?

Yes, but I have found the solution thanx. I filtered the list itself to show in the number range I want. Now the only issue remaining is the toggle boxes.

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