Filter list based on multiple options


Is there a way I can have a modal to filter a list with all those options?

Example of what I am looking for below:

This is possible. The way this needs to be set up though is that there will have to either a new screen for each new filter setting, or one screen with multiple filter scenarios with some smart visibility settings.

@Shinnawy Hi Seif, you can add the search parameters the user selected to the user record like this:


This way the user can set all parameters in a modal screen and save it into his user record.

You can then filter the list by Logged in User > PT_Search AND Logged in User > BD_Search AND …

This will be easy for single selections.
It becomes more tricky if you want to enable the search for min 1 Bedroom and max 3 Bedroom.
Or Min and Maximum price.
For this I would go with numeric keys like:
So if a user wants to search for 1 Bedroom to max 3 Bedroom you can filter with a numeric range:
Bedrooms (Numeric Key) between 2 and 4.

You also need to decide and test, how you want to handle the initial search, meaning when there are no parameters selected and the fields in the user records are empty.
Not sure how Adalo will handle this. That’s why I wrote decide and test :wink:

@karimoo Thank you for this.

The problem with the AND statements for the filter is that sometimes the user does not choose one of the filters, and this will not display any results.

One more thing, There is no option for “All” or “Any” in your solution.

What are your thoughts?

you could add a button ALL somewhere.
Action could open a screen with an empty search Bar and the custom list below will display ALL records anytime the search field is left empty…

*and if you find how to display an image when filters return NO results… i d be interested !

@karimoo Any idea on what to do here?

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