Daily Tasker, a minimal To-do list

Hello, I wanted to share with you my new little app, Daily Tasker, a simple shopping list / task manager.
Is a very simple App with just a few components to work, it tooks around 2 hours to be completed from scratch

I was inspired by the design of TASCS from @alexbarciog (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tascs.boglex) i think he is the best builder on Adalo in terms of design.

If you like it, leave 5 stars and a small review, or rate 1 star but give me some tips/features to add :joy::raised_hand:
I am developing other apps to gain experience with Adalo.

Thanks :blush:


Nice Work Eugen :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :blush:

Thanks Dilon, always polite :blush:

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Hi @Eugen! I like it, very nice app. I’m glad that my app was an example for you. Hope you succeed with your app!


Oh wow Eugen. Superb :ok_hand: :fire:

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Hi all :wave:
I’ve worked quite a bit on this app, and the new update is already on PlayStore ! Please let me know what you think of the changed i made @dilon_perera , @alexbarciog and if you like it.

Make sure to download update version 0.1.9

I will leave the laggy preview anyway

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Yeah sure I will Eugen. I’m going to update now

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Eugen the update is good :+1: :+1: :star_struck:

Thank you Dilon ! Glad you liked that

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Oh wow. Congratulations Eugen :partying_face:

Hmm yeah it’s good when you add notifications. Like when that user completes the task send a notification like You completed this task and when that user didn’t completed the task in that date send a notification like Complete the task faster because you have passed the date like that.

Thank you

Thank you so much Dilon ! Yes is exactly what I was thinking about, but this requires time as I never used Zapier before :+1::sweat_smile:

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Hmm I think you can do it. All the best :facepunch:

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A new small update has been dropped
Version 0.2.4
•New UI Improvements
•Partial notifications support added
•Bug fixes

Thanks everyone for 600+ downloads in just one week


@Eugen i just tried the app with the previewer link you shared and liked it. It looks very clean and nice in terms of design. Zapier is super easy to use so I am sure you will be able to add notifications if you want to.
The Share button on the task is giving an error (object type not supported or something…. ) before actually showing the Share options. I am using it on iPhone.

How did you add the left nav option? The panel that slides from the left. Is that a built in control?

Nice job :clap::clap::clap:

Hi ap1 and thanks for the precious feedbacks! Actually the share button only works on the published PlayStore build, not on PWA, and the download button does not work because I was trying to add a “download txt file” feature without getting it work.
The left nav bar is similar to the one from Adalo, but with a lot of rework.
Actually i will use Adastacks instead of Zapier for scheduled notifications.
I don’t know if to publish on Apple store, if anyone already has the apple dev account and wants to publish i will be glad.

Thanks again

Awesome buddy!

Hey, thank you. I have to update this app :grin:

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haha No worries, I came across it in a search for the Share action so thought I’d comment to say good job! :smile:

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Always appreciated

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