Habit Tracker/Calendar Strip

I am looking to create a habit tracker and while watching the Collections API video on Adalo youtube I saw a great model of one. I’ve tried to recreate off of what I could get from the video however I need more direction with

  1. the progress bar
  2. keeping record of how many times the task was completed out of x amount of days
  3. how to update relation to task and date with calendar strip

I noticed that the name of the app was ‘The Daily Check’
Wondering if anyone has seen a clone or has any suggestions. Thank You

I would also be interested

Take a look at this cloneable app.

  1. you can use counter to check against no of recurring and show it in progress bar, so for every assignment completed, you can add +1, counter will be the same as no of recurring if all assignments are completed
  2. you can add deadline datetime and compare it with completed datetime
  3. as for calendar component, I did not have experience with it

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