Data exchange from screens stopped working

Hi there, my screens were fully connected all sending the data it was supposed to but suddenly they do not do so anymore which quite complicates things. Does anyone please know what may be the issue/how to resolve that? Thank you.

Hi @Tommen. It could be the case that you linked to a screen that was receiving some specific data and the new screen that you linked to it from was no longer carrying that data with it. Which will then cause the linked screen to have that data missing entirely.

You should receive a warning on that screen that will tell you if this is about to happen or where it is being caused from.

  1. Here is a screen from the page you are linking from

  2. Which will then give this error on the screen that is being linked to

Hi Colin, thank you for your response. There was a screen that was deleted and allegedly caused the issue. However, it couldn’t be issue because there were other screens providing needed information, therefore it wasn’t the issue. I created new screens I am relinking data anyway, thanks.

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