Data Loading Issues - Preview

Hi all,

Having made my app, added data/actions etc, everything I’ve needed to do (even followed instructions on Adalo’s YouTube videos, it doesn’t seem to load on Preview? For example, I click on a users name to go to their profile and it does there but doesn’t show their name, profile pictures, posts etc? It also doesn’t allow me to follow them (again, data and actions are all complete) has anyone had this kind of issue on preview before?

I may add that I also have it set up to click on a message icon to go to a chat room with them but that doesn’t work either, despite all the data and actions being in place for it to work.

Hello, can you please provide some images about the issue that you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

Hi there, the screenshot with the friend icon is supposed to be current users profile (not logged in user) but their name/profile picture/posts etc aren’t showing.

The “action isn’t available” screenshot is when I click on the chat button to go to the chat screen.

Data/actions are in place for this to work - I’ve maybe missed something, hopefully it isn’t a major problem that needs solved!