Error: Screen Missing

Hi everyone, I am struggling to get unstuck regarding this problem:

Screen 1: Logged in user can add/edit their data → click on Preview
Screen 2: See their previewed page → Click on publish
Screen 3: Everyone (not only the logged in user) can see the public profile page

The problem I encounter is that when I go from Screen 2 to Screen 3 it says “Screen Missing Error” in the Adalo Preview. I checked already everything (Visibility, linked data etc.) but just can’t figure it out.

Could someone let me know what’s the issue?

Hi @Jenphan,

Welcome to the forum!

This looks like a glitch.
Try to re-create the action for the “Publish” button (delete old one and create new one).

Best regards, Victor

Hi Victor, thank you so much! I watched the past days some of your videos :slight_smile:

Unfortunately re-creating the action nor re-creating the last screen didn’t work. It still says “Screen Missing” in the Preview :frowning:

Hi @Jenphan,

Could you please share the link to the app previewer?
Or as an alternative, record a short video showing the problem?

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Victor, thank you so much. We managed to solve it. We copied/pasted the “Preview” and “Publish” Button as a list and just re-created the button again and then it worked.

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