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Hi everyone, can someone tell me if it’s possible to receive data from the app users on my personal or professional email adress? My app will be about coaching. It will allow coaches and students to meet in one place. The thing is, i want to avoid fake coaches profile as they will get paid for their service, they should have a certificate or something that proves that there are coaches. My idea was to put a special form at the sign up step for the coaches asking for a certificate that would be verified by me before the creation of the account. So the sign up process would be suspended while i’m checking the document then would be completed after my approbation. Do you think it’s something i can do on adalo? and if yes, how to do it? Thank you.

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Yes you can use the image picker or file uploader component for the user to upload their certifications. You’d have an ‘approved’ true/false property on the database, which you would only mark as true once you’ve verified them.

In terms of how you’d get the certificate you have a few options, for example:

  • Directly check the database and download their uploaded file
  • Have an admin screen where you can view their uploaded image and approve them
  • Use an API such as SendInBlue or SendGrid to email you with an attachment of their uploaded file every time.
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awesome, thanks for your response.

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could you explain me how to do it with sendgrid? i’ve been trying since yesterday and it doesn’t work

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