Anyone have an api email verification service to recommend?

As the title says I’m looking to implement something we’ve all used a thousand times, which is when a new user signs-up to our app they receive an email with a verification link which they need to tap/click to verify their email address; do you have anything you can recommend?

We currently use the OTP verification method, but it’s a bit clunky and I’m looking to implement something a little more elegent

Hi @msmurfitt :wave:

How about Adastacks?


Or Integromat etc

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Hello, to be honest, i worked with Adastack, Sendgrid, i usually test everything new which helps me with my apps, and i recommend SendGrid. if you needed any feel free to contact me.

thanks for these.
However I’m wanting to send my users a URL link which they’ll click/tap on. Both of the video tutorials, while very good, show how to setup sending an OTP to the users email address (which I already have implemented)…hmmmm…

i think you can edit your json body to support url

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I need some help with Email verification. Why do you prefer sendgrid over adastacks?

I suggest Adastacks , Abracadalo or Sendgrid! Because they are easy to setup!

Adastacks : Adalo Tutorial: Verify Your Users' Emails with a Verification Code Using Adastacks (Part 1) - YouTube

Abracadalo : Notification API Tutorial - YouTube , How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube

Sendgrid : [ADALO TUTORIAL] - Email verification with SendGrid - YouTube

Please do you have a step by step video of how sendgrid works? I tried Adastacks and the verification code returns UNDEFINED
but @pford hasn’t responded to my mail for 12hrs now.

For Sengrid you can check this video! : [ADALO TUTORIAL] - Email verification with SendGrid - YouTube

In where you add this custom action? This has to be in another screen because there’s a Signup Limitation that if we use Logged in user properties with other actions on the Signup form the actions don’t return them. Patrick shows that : Adalo Tutorial: Verify Your Users' Emails with a Verification Code Using Adastacks (Part 2) - YouTube

Hope Patrick will get back to you soon! But I also suggest to join the Slack channel because in there Patrick replies for the question faster! Invite : Slack

Hi @endieumunna sorry for the delay! I just sent you an email!

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I just received the mail. I am trying it now

@endieumunna the logs show the email is being sent successfully. Can you check your Spam or All Mail folder? The action itself won’t return anything aside from what you showed in your video, but you should definitely receive the email.

Yea Patrick has gotten back to me and without scratching a palm, he gave me the solution. Perfect and smooth. He’s the best out here.