User Verification - How to?

Hello there!

I’m a newbie in this world, so it might be obvious but I’m at a loss as to how I go about solving this.

I am creating an app that is basically a coaching app (not really) - regardless, I have a lot of material that I want to be behind some sort of paywall, but I was curious if it was possible to make without involving an actual payment. Maybe in the sorts of manual email verification from the admins? Something similar?

I would greatly appreciate some feedback!

Thank you!

Hey there!
I have citing myself, but I’ve created a tutorial that is perfect for you!

Hope it helps!


That was a great video! Thank you very much, I will definitely use that at some point.
But that’s not exactly what I meant.

I want to control who can use my app. It has to be exclusive, right?
With your method (which is a great method!!) - everyone could potentially signup on my app.

Is there any way for me to be able to specificly make sure that it is only invited people? Like a way where I actively have to accept their signup?

Thank you very much!

search the forum about signup with referrals.

Then you can apply this one! :slight_smile: Tutorial: Signup with referrals and prizes

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I have a simpler way.

Keep a 2-step sign up.

Screen 1 - sign up form
Screen 2 - text component at the top - ‘wait for admin to accept you to the app’
a button at the bottom with a visibility condition - button is visible only if ‘Approved by admin’
is true. (for this you need to create a new collection ‘approved by admin’ in the Users

The button is only visible if admin approves the user. After approval users can click the button and reach inside the app.

I hope this solves your problem.

I +1 @prakharm8 's post.
I have something similar where members are differentiated between customers and Admins. I simply have a property boolean set to isAdmin?

You can simply set an artificial “paywall” and have a boolean (T/F) in your User Collection for something like Is Member? and set it to True or False upon whatever criteria you have.

Once that setting is set, you can then take another action. i.e. A button that is Sometimes Visible → User’s Is Member? set to True. Otherwise, the screen won’t show the button.

I found this to be the fastest form of some type of manual verification.

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