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Hi everyone, first time asking something here…for some reason, when i link images from a user database, the result is like this versus the images showing up. I have triple checked all the links and not sure why this is…can someone help?

Hi Dean,

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In your Card List Image section change it to Upload and change it back to Database>Image and try.

Thank you

What image are you trying to put there? If it’s a post, it has to be Image from current post. If it’s a User profile image, it has to be logged in User image

That worked brilliantly. Thank you. Is that because when I changed links a flows, i need to reset it back to the original database?

Also, for some reason it is also not brining in with it the username info and description fields…

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thanks. yes that part i had correct. i thnk it somehow got unlinked from my database when i made some changes, i have it back now though. Thank you vm for the quick reply. You guys are awesome!

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I think there is a issue with the Card List because some users also have posted the same problem. For me it sometimes works and sometimes has to delete the values and re add them again. But when you change them back again like deleting and re adding again then it’s working.

Do the same. In your Card List Text section ( I believe the username is displayed on the text section ) remove the value and add again the Current Post>User’s>Username from magic text.

Yup. You nailed it. That worked 100%. Thank you again. REALLY helpful. Saved me from starting over from scratch!!! have a great day…

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Awesome and Your Welcome!

And Good Luck with your app!

thank you. I need all the luck i can get :laughing:

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