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I need your help doing my fitness app. I need an app to make a daily calorie calculator (person 's weight, height, age, gender and activity). Age, gender, and activity are in the drop-down menu, and weight and height are text fields. The problem is that this data needs to be placed in a database and connected to the user.
How to do it? i need your help

Thanks in advance,

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Hey there @Andreaskase

You’ll need to add a collection called “Calories Entries” or something like that. You’ll need a one-to-many relationship of these calories entries with users where Users can have many calorie entries and a calorie entry belongs to one user.

Then, you’ll need a form that creates the calorie entries.


I understand that yes, but the problem is that I don’t understand how do I configure this dropdown menu and text field?

Hello, how are you, look at this app that I made, putting height and weight, it takes out all the balances, gives you a photo and sends you an email with the result

Clcik to se de video - YouTube

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I’ve done this but i need to know how to programm fields with database

This type of apps works with mathematical formulas.
With what the user loads you can now play search for formulas.
example BODY MASS INDEX: weight/height x height

Once the user uploads his information you must put some hidden inputs so that the SEE MY RESULT button saves in the database.

an update current user action: IMC>input (the input has the mathematical formula)

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thanks, i try

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