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Hey everyone,
I made a fitness app and would like to make it possible for users to track the resistance they used for any given exercise they’ve done. I have an Exercises database with all the exercise videos and names but can’t figure out how to make it so that users can enter in a number into a text input field (to indicate the amount of weight they used for the exercise) and have that number save for that exercise ONLY FOR THE LOGGED IN USER. Is what I’m asking possible in Adalo? I know other fitness apps that you can do this with, but need some assistance on how/if I can do this in Adalo.

Thank you!!

Can you add a number field to the exercise collection and the user just updates their collection with that number?

If I add a number field to the Exercise collection and have a text input box that will update the number field that I added, I don’t know how to make it so the number saves just for that specific user and doesn’t become the number that carries over for every single user. It seems to me that I need to somehow create a field that links the current exercise with the logged in user, but nothing I try seems to work. Maybe I’m missing some simple solution?

Yes you would have to create a relationship from the exercises collection and the user collection.

I think I’m just not describing my issue correctly. There doesn’t appear to be a way to both put in a number field for the exercise collection AND link that number field to a specific user. You can add an exercise to a user or a user to an exercise, but it doesn’t appear that you can link a free-text number to a specific exercise for a specific user. Thank you for responding and I will keep on thinking on an alternative!

Yeah, some things are hard to think about through a chat like this.

How polished is this app? Would you be willing to share a cloneable version of it so that I can play around with it?

If not that’s fine, but I dont think i’m wrapping my head around it correctly.

Agreed! The app is pretty polished. It’s already being sold on the App Store and Google Play. This feature would be for an upcoming software update. I’m going to try one other solution and if it doesn’t work I’ll share a cloneable version with you. Thanks!

I think this is what you are looking to do. At around the 1:30 mark when I go to the history screen Adalo crapped out so I needed to go back, then re-enter the screen. Seems like they have been having issues today… In anycase


Yes, this is what I’m looking for! Thank you so much for doing that!

Very welcome, the only thing I didn’t show in the video is the relationships, this is important to the database structure

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