How to track calories and similar to that

Hi, does anybody know what is the best option to track for example calories after finished excersice or to track weight of user and etc, something that you can find in many fitness apps?

Are you wanting the user to add this in manually? Or, are you wanting it to sync with something else?


Never mind, what is better and easiest option?

Well it will definitely be easier for the user to manually enter it. You could possibly do this by utilizing the form function:

I know with apps like My Fitness Pal, there is a lot of manual data put in by the user (what you ate, weight, etc.)


I’ll give you an example using food tracking, which adds up the calories in the food you logged and gives total calories. The same principle can be applied to tracking calories burned through exercise, though you won’t be able to sync with anything like a fitbit or heartrate monitor.

If you have a database of Food Items, you can list these as FOOD | Quantity (1) | Unit (grams) | Calories per quantity | Protein per quantity, etc.

For example, Rice | 1 | gram | 50 calories | 4g protein, etc. (not real numbers)

You could also possibly use an external database for this, using the same databases that these nutrition apps use. That’s above my head currently though.

So when you want to track your meals for the day, you just track what you ate like in my fitness pal. So if you had 50g of rice, you would track that as a Tracked Ingredient and calculate how many calories, proteins, carbs, and fats are in that 50g. You would have to create new collections, named Tracked Meals, and Tracked Ingredients.


Thanks for the answer. And what if I want to sync with something? Is there any (external) website that I can connect to track things like that?

Thanks a lot. I will try this definitely :grinning:

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