Database app creation

Hi team,

Can anybody pls help me to create a database driven multiple choice quiz.
I want like 1 question, 4 choice and there should also be a option to select a quiz from 4 options like emerald separate quiz, ruby separate quiz, sapphire separate quiz and topaz separate quiz after the welcome screen.(For school project)

Here is my app, it is not working{} (clone link)

We did this using a help of another Adalo member

Hey @Nith839,

Seems like you and @NIT_JIT are same!

I had created it already right? : Kwizz on Diya Clone

Thank you

@NIT_JIT he is my classmate and my project member,
Thanks to Adalo and the forum to make our app so easy to make and special thanks to @dilon_perera for helping us so much in this app!

And @dilon_perera can you please send the clone link for the same

Ah got it!

Your welcome!

Made it clonable : Kwizz on Diya Clone