Made a Quiz app prototype, but can't keep the score

I’ve been trying to make a quiz app. My first one had two screens for each questions, so I ended up having 16 screens for 8 questions. I searched the forum and the internet, and finally found a solution from this YouTube video. Here’s my prototype which has only three screens no matter how many questions there are.

Now, all I need to do is to find a way of keeping the score… and I’m stuck. Any tips or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Namu,

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I suggest to watch this video made by Nathan! ( @theadaloguy ) : Adalo quiz tutorial - make a database driven true or false quiz (without multiple screens) - YouTube

Because my first app also a quiz app and this video helped me a lot to create that! You can find my app here : My First App In Adalo - Quizzy

And I added this to your app too : PopQuiz

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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Hi @Namu ,

For starting, keep score in users collection, this way you can access them throughout the screens.

If you are going deeper, use exam collections, link this to users collection and have score field here.

You need to design the database first, creating them in spreadsheet is also helpful.

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I watched the video, and went through the new app you made for me. And I think I’m beginning to understand how I should design my databases. Whoa, you really saved my day. Thank you so much, Dilon!

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