Please someone help

i want to add a quize feature in my application …can anyone tell me how could i do it??


Hi there!

I think you might be able to do this, but it might depend on everything you need your quiz to do. How exactly do you want it to work?


Sounds interesting for me…
I was thinking on including a simple multiple choice quiz: 10 steps, 3 options, choose & show the right answer with extended explanation (probably on an extra screen) while showing current score and showing total score at the end.

1 question 3 options
A total of 30 questions per day
Time given to choose the correct option will be 10 secs
The questions will be changed per day
So we have to create an admin panel to upload questions daily
Is it possible ?

Can we do it ? Can please tell me how to make a quize in my app …it’s an e-learning app