Database design advice needed

This may sound like a very noob question but I can’t seem to find the answer so, here it is…

My app is a bit like a social networking app but the user (admin) is able to set up up their own closed Network of Users. Users are then invited to the Network.

As I’ve begun designing the app I’ve been thinking of it as the Network but I should be thinking of it to accommodate everyone single user that will be potentially using it right?

In which case can I/should I be creating a Unique ID for each Network somehow?

Also, should I be thinking about a web app as well to manage the entire database?

With thanks.

If the user gets to decide the “network” name, then you can just create a new database, then filter by logged in user - network.

If not, then create a unique ID so you can filter it later if need be.

Only think about a web app if you think you’ll have a larger number of users, otherwise you can just have the photos hosted elsewhere so you don’t use up all your 5GB on Adalo database.

Thanks @Shinnawy.

I’d like to future-proof the app in case someday it does have a large number of users. :wink:
Does Adalo have the ability to generate a unique ID?

Where do people typical store images externally these days? Is Amazon still the most viable option?

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@herbshirt For external image storage have a look at Cloudinary. See: Best way to avoid UI ICON Downloads on slow conections
They also have a quite good free quota.
Or that is used by Adalo itself. See: A very cool image tip!

Auto numbering is as planned on the roadmap:

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Very helpful. Thanks @karimoo.

So glad to hear about auto-numbering!

Or you could just create a field called ID. Then every time you create a record for that Network, you can just specify magic text to Network > Count.

It will count from 0,1,2,3,4 automatically.

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