Database design in my project

Hello everyone.
I am asking for help in designing a database in my application. There are 2 user roles in my project - regular users and managers. Managers create tasks and users see a list of tasks and can respond to them, a manager sees a list of users who have responded to a task and can select users from the list. Next, I want the user to see in his profile his tasks for which the manager assigned him. There will also be a page with the history of completed tasks.

Now I have created only two collections - users and tasks, and I’m thinking about what fields I need to create to make it all work.

I recommend watching YouTube tutorials on Adalo database structure (there are plenty and it’s really simple once you practice) or asking in the Freelance section.

Database Architecture is a career. It would be like me asking a mechanic to take the time to build me a car for free. :joy:

Check out videos by @Victor and @michael.ionita

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Hi @Cart,

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I would agree with Briggsy!

But I just maked a quick app with the details that you given! Are you trying to achieve something like this? Maybe it can be help you!

There are 2 managers,two users and two tasks at the moment.

Thank you