Database Design

Hoping for some help here on some database design.

I have a list of master products (1000s of products) in one database (I have them in airtable and have figured out how to “import” them over to adalo). Each row of this list has things like an image of the product, a URL of the product, a few product attributes (color, shape, etc.)

After a user signs-up, they take a brief quiz where they answer questions about the kinds of products they like. Based on their answers, a likeScore gets added to all of the products that correspond to that answer (i.e. I like red products = +100 points to red products).

Once the user is signed-in, they then see a list of all their curated products (based on the quiz) in descending order by that likeScore. They can interact with those products now by liking/disliking them (i.e. they can dislike a square product and that will then decrease the likeScore for all square products in the database by 100).

The only way that I can conceptualize this is that after a user signs-up, they automatically get a product database copied over from the master database that is an identical copy but specific to that user. The issue with this is if I need to change the image, for example, of red square product #10, I would have to do it in many databases.

I’m trying to find a way to have what the user sees in the list of products connected to one and only one database (the master one) BUT the users are then connected to the products in that database through likeScores (based on initial quiz and subsequent interactions).

Thanks for reading this and for the help!

Hi @bmceuen ,

You may get some ideas here,