Database location (Asia)

Hi All,

I am new to database and all the configuration. My application is focus on local target group which is Thailand.

Currently, I am using Adalo database which I test with the application. Sometime, it takes quit a bit to get the data to display.

If I set up my database with firebase and point to the server in Singapore.

  1. Is it gonna help with the speed when query data and application resposiveness?
  2. Are there any concern about using External database like firebase?
  3. How difficult to start learning about API on firebase?

Best regards

Hi @Toey,

Personally I don’t think Firebase is a good option - it is a NoSQL database, and Adalo is build with a relational database concept in mind.

I’d recommend looking at Xano - there were some feedbacks from makers in South-East Asia region who were quite happy with the speed and responsiveness. But anyway the connection to External Collection will have to go via Adalo servers (unless something changed recently).