Can we move our DB to Firebase or AWS

I understand that Adalo is for MVPs but what happens when we need to scale? Can we move our backend to AWS or Firebase? What measures can we take now to be ready?

BUMP. I don’t want to launch our app before knowing the answer here. Some help please.

You can use AWS or Firebase using external collections, however your users would still be on Adalo itself. To launch an Adalo app with external users you need the Xano integration and you can have users on Xano. I also think Firebase doesn’t make much sense unless you want a non relational database. Supabase or Xano would make more sense as they use a relational database, same as Adalo.

If you build the MVP fully on Adalo, then want to migrate later, you can export your data either as CSV files, or use some custom actions to kind of automate it. Migrating relationships can be a bit more tricky. Your users will have to reset their passwords as you can’t migrate their passwords to the new database.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out. Great info.

I cant seem to intergrate with Supabase now unless I pay to integrate Xano which I don’t want to use because it’;s too expensive for a social media app with a lot of storage requirements. I have a pro membership now.

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