Database partially working, lists and links not working

So I have rebuilt my database multiple times and even reset all links and actions multiple times. I have this screen only dedicated to picking/creating classrooms. Keep in mind all this was working before and just stopped suddenly. Now a classroom can be created because I see it popping up as a classroom with the creator being added but no link is working and the list is not visible.

Things I have checked for:

  1. Visibility constraints
  2. data sending links
  3. and making sure my actions weren’t causing this not to work.

Below are the screen shots of the screens being affected by this. I have also included screenshot of my database. any help would be great because there is no point in me continuing if this function is not working. and I really do not want to rebuild the database yet again and redo all links and data text.

at this point I have no Idea what is wrong or even how to fix it.

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 1.48.35 PM Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 1.49.02 PM

Do you use a debug process, something like you open previewer in another window while you check the content of its collection in the editor.

Beware of that collection editor must be updated using search at the top right corner, unless it is outdated, the way I did is just putting a character or two and delete it, then the collection will refresh to give the latest content.

Well I do use the previewer for debugging but I always close the window after. And reopen a new window when I need it again.

And I have rebuilt the list from scratch twice, and both times it still never popped up. And this was all working before. Then suddenly it stopped.

I am not saying you forget, but for me I got lost many times, but every time I came back, it was my fault.

Very seldom it is bug for the linked records.

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