Retrieve Data Issue

Hi guys,

I have an issue that makes me crazy :frowning:
I have two collections. Let’s say X and Y have 1 to Many relations. ( 1X has Many Y)
On the first screen, I list the X and create the custom list for it. On the same page, there is a button with the link to the create X page. While clicking the X item on the list, achieve the Y list belongs to X. That is pretty simple.
I prepared the screen to show the details of Y. My issue happens there; while clicking the Y, the Y details page doesn’t open, Y page is again open itself :frowning: When I examined the data I show the “This link removes Current Y Data from the Y List Screen. If you aren’t using that data there, then don’t worry. If you are then remove this link.”

Besides that, I followed the steps in the link “(7) Working with Data in a No Code App - YouTube” but nothing has changed. :frowning_face:

I would appreciate that help me.

I found my mistake :slight_smile: I assigned the different link on the list and my custom rectangle :slight_smile: When I removed the link on the rectangle, the issue was over. :grin: