Database update feature

does anyone know if the database update feature works only in the Pro version of adalo? I put several ways to be able to work this update feature and it does not work.

Hi Alex,

What do you mean? Could you give more details?

I want this list to be cleared when pressed without having to delete the data created in it, that is, updated, however when I put this feature it does not work

Do you mean you want the list to disappear?

yes, because when the user returns to that same screen, theoretically it was supposed to disappear this list because it was updated, but it is not what is happening.

to be more specific I want me to update the records.

What is happening is that when the user returns to the screen to close the order, the items and price of the items he added before are still showing, that is, the update feature is not working, I tried to do a mass update with Countdown but it also doesn’t work. All I want is for this list to disappear after the user closes the order without deleting the records

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