Form Update/Delete Not Working

Hello Adalo!

Seems like form update and delete functionality is broken.

Appreciate your help! Thanks!

Looks like a small bug right now. There are two work arounds

  1. After you add the action to Update the Logged In User, in that action you can change the Record to New Goal
  2. If you add another action first, like a link or something, the next action you add will allow you to select the New Goal in the flyout menu

Thanks Ben! Will this allow me to update the “Is Completed?” field in my Goals collection?

Hi @Ben,

I tried your recommendations, however, it still doesn’t make the update functionality work. Also I can’t delete the create action. Doesn’t seem right to have create and update at the same time.

Below is the sample working update action from my other project.

Thank you!

Hi @Ben,

I observed that the update action only works when the data comes from an action link. It doesn’t work stand alone as it is dependent on the current data.


This has been resolved.

What do you mean by that? I have a custom list and in that I added a delete button which is supposed to delete current list item, but it doesn’t work. Neither do the update button!!