I can't update the data

When I was creating the app yesterday, a page called “Timestamp?” Was suddenly added even though I wasn’t doing anything.
(Currently it is erased.)

Since then, even if the data is reflected, it cannot be updated, or incomprehensible updates are added.

Is something happening?

It was “timer settings”, not “time stamp”.
It looks like a bug by all means.

Adalo is not saving any design update. Not even minimum label literal text. Please, help. Tomorrow I’ve scheduled important progress update meeting.

The data in the custom list will be lost suddenly.

FYI: The instability was over after 2 hours. Everything is fine. Thank you

We have been experiencing some server issues over the course of the last few days which I feel may have interrupted certain features of Adalo and cause them not to function correctly.

These issues are now resolved and I would urge you to retest this function in Adalo to see if you still experience any issues with it.

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