Date data type in Adalo

Hey everyone, what format is the Date type in Adalo stored as? Is it Unix? And when we use it in our custom actions, what format does it return?

From our testing we are getting the following return values: “18723.49202546296”, “18754.49202546296", “in 19 hours”, “in 5 hours”. These are extremely vague values. Please guide me on this issue.

Hi Keerthan,

I would submit a support ticket to know about this.

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Thank you @James_App_Maker

I’m glad I could help you! :slight_smile:

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Hi @keerthanmahesh,

The date is stored as number of days since 01/01/1970 (integer part) and the “fraction” of the day (fractional part).
So to add one day you can simply increase the date value by 1.
Date is stored in UTC and is “adjusted” to the user’s time zone when displayed. E.g. if user sets 12:00 AM, and he is in UTC+3, the real date stored will be day before 9 PM.

Date can be presented to users with different formatting options: relative, date + time, etc. This is done via the settings of the magic text (where you put date property).

Best regards, Victor.