Date format in Adalo collections and Text Input Fields

I live in Australia and our date format is dd/mm/yyyy.

When I add a record into my collection with a date field it shows as mm/dd/yyyy. When I represent that in a desktop app in a Chrome browser in a text input field it comes out as mm/dd/yyyy.

Also when I utilise a date picker component and set its style to “Date Text Input” the date picker formats as dd/mm/yyyy on the desktop app (which is great). However when I set a Text Input Field to equal the date picker contents and set the Text Input Field to the date format mm/dd/yyyy (only option I have) the Text Input Field shows as mm/dd/yyyy. Therefore the date is never stored or retrieved and displayed in the right date format for me (dd/mm/yyyy).

I would really appreciate some advice on getting data in collections to store as as dd/mm/yyyy. If collections cannot store dates as dd/mm/yyyy that’s ok but then it should display on my browser in my region/locale dd/mm/yyyy.


Changed the Chrome Language settings to English Australian as primary language and the dates show correctly as dd/mm/yyy. The dates in the collections DB still show as mm/dd/yyyy. But thats ok. Link on how to do that is here

I’ve come across a similar issue where my collection data is in the correct format for me (dd/mm/yyyy) but it is then displayed as mm/dd/yyyy which makes the date completely wrong. If I display todays date for example as set the date as relative Adalo says that it was 7 months ago.

I’ve tried your suggestion above but it hasn’t worked for me :frowning:




Hi @Ash1,

Its been a while, sorry for the late reply. But is it still a problem. Did you refresh browser, restart browser and restart the Adalo app?
Are you using Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc?

Hi @armorofgod - thanks for the reply.

It’s still a problem unfortunately and to answer your questions:
1 - Yes, i’ve done all of the ‘off and on agains’
2 - I’m using Chrome

I actually think the issue is likely caused by the way I’m receiving the data in the first place. I have an API call that gets the information and stores it in a google sheet. The data information from the API comes in the format (with full stops to separate).

To show it how I want to I’ve then formatted the google sheet column with a standard date format that puts it into dd/mm/yyyy and then an Integromat automation takes this information and puts it into my Adalo collection.

The dates in the collection database display how I want them to as pictured above but when it’s displayed in the app it shows as mm/dd/yyyy

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