Date Display options

Is there a way to get a date from the DB and format it to as an example

Monday 25th of March

I can get the calendar day now but can’t seem to get numerical day or month?

In the field where you have selected the source press the little pen edit icon on the red source.

You can change it in there. Same goes for financial fields

Thanks, i use that section, but dont see the options im speaking of their?

When I want to set the date in this format, I put it twice in the magic text.
Then I define the first as only day of the week, the other on the date
(Monday) (March 25)

I do that also, but their is no option for numerical day of the week or the month?

I think this is not currently possible as a combo. Would make for a good feature request though!

not even an option if i piecemeal with different formatting at this time, Right?

The hardest part is actually just the month.

I mean this is actual possible with a good formula. I will try and tackle it later.

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