🚀 Launched: New Date Formats

Don’t see the date format you need in Adalo? Good news: we just dramatically expanded our available options. Not only did we add some much-needed pre-formatted options like DD/MM/YYYY, we also provided all the individual pieces you need to construct your own date formats. You should see these new options anywhere you can format dates in Adalo.

Keep up with our changelog here.


Hip Hip Horrey! :partying_face:

@MikesClub I think you got the answer for this question.



This is super awesome… So much more activity from the Adalo team ! Loving the Change log!


This is great addition.

But I have a question, how to save the year number or month number to a field ?

I got it,

Use the input field and assign value in their default value (not using change input value) and then update action to number field with this text input field.

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 7.48.36 AM

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 7.49.37 AM


I literally was working on a custom component that will send me as argument the month and year. this was a must. amazing


Bravo guys! This is really useful stuff! Thanks.

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This is great! But you can’t filter based on where there is NO date entered. So if I wanted to display only records in a list that had a date (e.g. birthdays), I can’t filter out records that have no date set… Could this be added as a filter option?

Create a text property that takes the value of the date. Then you can achieve what you want because you can filter if a text property is empty.

And this is a discussion for “Get Help”. Not for here.

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This is great! Thanks for thinking of me!

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Hi @jessehaywood,

Thanks for this update!
I was implementing it, but this update only works for displaying dates, am I correct?
Not the date format in the date-picker form field. If that could be added too that would be perfect.



How did you get “dark mode” view on your computer for Adalo?

Hi @Zwood ,

Not just for Adalo but for every website, it just switch the colors between black and white, so sometimes it doesn’t feel right in the eyes.

I did something in chrome settings long time ago.

But for working on real apps I use Edge browser, Brave browser give me crash for big app, Firefox made canvas scrolling slow.

For small apps I still prefer Brave and Chrome which in my case light theme and dark theme. :smiley:

@Yongki How is this done for chrome? I’m liking that dark view for development

@Zwood ,

I think this article that tell me how to do it.

How to Force Dark Mode on Every Website in Google Chrome | by Vipul dilip gote | Medium.

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@jessehaywood Great that the functionality has been expanded. Can we please go a bit further and have a suffix option for ‘day number’.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th