Date "Is between" condition - appears to not function with date picker?

Hello, I’m trying to conditionally display different information (i.e. for a pricing guide), based on a user’s date input

However the date ‘is between’ confition does not appear to work.


  • Have I done something wrong? Or would this be an issue within Adalo?


  • The “before” or “after” condition with date input works fine
  • The “is between” condition with date input does not seem to work (unless I’m missing something!)
  • Screens below of logic and preview

If helpful, screens showing logic and preview of this working for the ‘before’ condition

Issue is only for ‘is between’ condition

Quick update to orignal post (to wrap this up!)


  1. Appears the “is between” condition for dates (especially dynamic dates, e.g. “5 days ago”), is broken at time of testing
  2. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ date conditions work fine
  3. It’s posisble to create a workaround for “is between” dates condition. I.e. nesting one container in another, and setting the “before” condition for one container and the “after” container for the nested container (or vice versa) :slightly_smiling_face:

For #3,

You can use group to do that, click 3 dots on the left panel.

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