Date is not correct

Hello i have a problem with the date picker.
My problem is when I use the date picker to select a date for example 26 june 2013 and I select that date in my app on android then it shows me the date of 1 day earlier ( 25 June 2013 ) in the preview it is working good but not on my phone?
is there a setting I have to change or is this a bug?


Hoi @gossewestra.

Where in your app are you experiencing this bug? On which screen?

Hello Colin i attached a screenshop of the screen

This might be related to time zone settings.

hi recorded a movie about the problem

I am using samsung galaxy S7 android-version 8.0.0

This appears to be a bug related to timezones as mentioned by @karimoo. The team is looking in to getting this fixed.

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:+1: :+1: ok thanks for the support!

I experience the same problem. It gets “solved” if you select the date again. But yeah, it happens at night for me in Mexico City. During the day it doesn’t happen hehe.

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