Date/Time Picker issue


I am having an issue since yesterday with the date picker.

On the phone it’s showing the date picker behind the next field. so, users are not able to pick a date or time.

is there a way to fix it?

Can you show a screenshot please.

It seems likely that you have the ordering of layers wrong inside the builder and it could be the reason but without seeing an example from the app it’s hard to know for sure.

It looks like this

Hi ! I do have the same issue today, although yesterday it was working perfectly.
Any info ?

I had to make each field alone ( text input) and add button with action ( create, update, etc) and then make all fields as a group.

By doing this got it fixed.

is there a way to change the date picker view?

on some devices it’s showing as Calendar and others showing as dropdown list.

I want to show on all as calendar.

Been doing for 2 weeks now.

The bug is still there… any idea when it will be fixed ??

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A few fixes should be released this week for this component.

Thanks Colin

Can you inform me when it’s done ?


Hello Colin,

Wuld you mind updating me on this topic ? I now have a 3 weeks delay in the delivery of my app, it’s a serious problem for me.



We have pushed the updates to this issue last night. Could you please try and rebuild your app and see if this problem persists for you.

Looking good for now.
Will confirm to you asap.

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