Date + Number - Why does this not work in Adalo


I am trying to organize a few screen on adalo for subscriptions.

My problem:

User can pay a month or a year: But why does this not work - User has a property Subscription expiry date… And i am using Todays Date +365 (days) to add to the expiry field. It does not add anything to the field.

I would have assumed you could set a date field using this method,

do any of you have anyway of doing this or are any of you encountering the same problem?

I would love some solutions from the adalo community.



Hello, Try using instead of current time > use 1 year from now would be better

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Maybe this post will help:


Thanks, this worked for me, somehow i did not think of this! i have been using it in other places in the app lol.


Thanks that is a helpful post for anyone out there,


Glad it did

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