Date Picker as a Not Required Field


My app has forms with several fields with dates.
But some are configured as “Not Required” because the user doesn’t always have this information.
The problem is that the date field populates immediately with the current date, and there is no way to the user to remove it, and on form submission this date is stored in the database.
This is probably a bug, because it doesn’t matter if the “Required” toggle is on or off.

Thank you.


can Adalo speak to this? this is a big issue as so many workarounds are needed to solve this auto-populate feature now.

I’m dealing with this too. When a form is displayed that contains a date or date/time picker, the value is set to whatever the picker is currently set at, which is problematic since they are not required inputs in the form.

Is there a workaround for this or a change in functionality that can be advised?


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This does appear to be a bug. I have reported this to the team.


I’ve also stumbled upon this today. @Colin, any news about this or ideas of a workaround?

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Seeing this too recently in my app

I haven’t been able to find a workaround yet, so I have also escalated the priority of this ticket.


From 20 December until now there is no solution for this ? I just saw this issue today and found this “ticket opened” @Colin any news ?, thanks in advance!

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I’m also struggling with this issue. No update yet? @Colin