A formula problem

Hello there! any recommendations for the problem below? I need to count the days between this month’s period and last month’s period. Thank you so much for your help!!

Hi @Joyce

You can’t add the calculation in the text field like that.

When you click on 'Add Magic Text", scroll all the way down until you find “New Formula”. Select that option and then edit it.

Inside the formula is where you have to run the calculation.

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Thank you for your reply! Do u know the formula for this?

Hi @Joyce,

I think you need ROUND(D1-D2).

Add a Custom formula on the text component from magic text and click on it and add a ROUND from Functions ( you will see when you scroll down to add a value from magic text inside the formula ) and add Date 1 and then add - and add the Date 2 and add the closing bracket.

Thank you

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