Date, Time & Time Zones

Hi guys,

I’ve got a list of weather reports from an API which are dated with 4 records per day. I want to display the information for today, tomorrow and the day after but I’m having an issue.

Let’s say I have a forecast for today (30/07/21), tomorrow (31/07/21) & the day after (01/08/21),

  • For the list I want to show todays information I have a filter set to ‘Date’ is equal to ‘Start of today’
  • For the list i want to show tomorrow’s information the filter is set to ‘Date’ is equal to ‘Tomorrow’
  • For the list I want to show the day after tomorrow’s information it is set to ‘Date’ is equal to ‘Two days from now’

I’m finding though that Adalo is getting the date wrong:

  • The list for today shows no info,
  • The list for tomorrow shows today’s info
  • The list for the day after tomorrow shows tomorrow info
  • If I want to get the info for 2 days from now the filter has to be 3 days from now

So it’s out by 1 day. I’ve read that Adalo stores time at UTC +1 and then applies the clients timezone. Doesn’t this mean it should be right for my time zone?

An obvious workaround is to just set the filters to one day further ahead but I’m wondering if that will cause any problems depending on the timezone of the user?

Any help will be appreciated as always.


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Bump - I’ve also come across the below problem with the dates for the same list

My collection data is in the correct format for me (dd/mm/yyyy) but it is then displayed as mm/dd/yyyy which makes the date completely wrong. If I display todays date for example as set the date as relative Adalo says that it was 7 months ago.

One user suggested changing my Chrome language settings to ensure they are set to an EU country but that hasn’t helped.



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