Day / Time across multiple timezones

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how to manage time across multiple timezones.

I’m listing a day and time for an event, but an event which happens at 8pm GMT will be 5am “the following day” in Sydney.

Would I have to create a timezone table so that the user can indicate its timezone, list event in the same time zone always and add or subtract the additional hours to the user timezone to display the correct time of the event?

Has anyone fixed a simi9lar problem around day/time that could be applicable here?


The date times are always displayed in the app based on the users device time zone.

Hi Ahsley,

If I am creating a record where a user inputs a time for an event, how does that work? :slight_smile:

Yes I understand that if you use Adalo’s day/time then each user will see it in their own current time, but if I am creating an event and say that event “name” will happen at 2pm, it will show that the event will happen at 2pm to everyone regardless of time zone.

So the problem I’m trying to solve relates to user defined times and not system defined ones.


@Ben any ideas on this one?

There is a feature request to be able to choose what timezone the time is shown in (it isn’t always helpful showing it in the user’s local time) here:

This would address your issue, as you would display it in the timezone which made it show as 2pm. Eg, if it was happening at 2PM GMT, you would display as GMT, rather than local user’s timezone.

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