Question about timezone handling?

Hey, my app relies on people submitting events to my app - the user would set the event start time.

How does Adalo handle this when users are spread across many different time zones? Will it be smart enough to show the local start time?


According to my understand what you asking for just take a text component & connect with event created time & use the relative time or any other which you like.

If you will use relative time it will show you like 5 min ago (when event is created)

You can see the example in my app Invocial :point_right: (at the bottom left corner of list in light grey color)

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At the moment, no. All times are stored and displayed in a single time zone - there is a feature request to upgrade this to allow users to show local times etc. Vote if you think it will be helpful!


I’ve voted for that feature as it would be very useful. I’m sure I can work around not having this feature.

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Do you know which timezone is used as default?

I think it’s UTC, though that might only be because I’m in London.

Fair enough, it would be good for one of the Adalo support to confirm this.

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

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Dates are displayed in the local timezone of the user, based on their device settings.


Thanks @Ben - is there any plan to allow us to set a timezone in the collection? Use case is a travel app with a flight which has a departure in one time zone and an arrival in another. When the user looks at their app, they cannot tell what time anything is happening.

As another example, when they get to the other end (flying east), their 8pm dinner reservation is showing as being in the middle of the night. We can save the GMT offset in the collection, so we’re nearly there, but it would be great to be able to have another option on date/time fields to offset the time shown so that it is correct when the users are somewhere else in the world.

I’ve made a feature request here:

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