Date to database Question

Hello Adalo users,

I have a quick question regarding datepicker and database.

In my app, I have an onboarding process in which I have a step for users to provide a date for their purchase. I would like to add that date information to users profile in which I’ll be showing that provided date on the Home page later on.

Unfortunately, I am not able to understand and were able to find any material regarding how to incorporate a date ( time is not needed at the moment) and add that information to user database.

Any help is appriciated. Thanks.

Hi @serkanyerdan,

There is a “Date” property type, you can add it to Users database:

Then you can add an action to update Logged-in User and put the the required date into the corresponding property.

You can display the date in a label (and other components) using magic text. Also you can change the formatting of how it is displayed.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks much @Victor, appreciate your quick help. :star_struck:

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