Tearing my hair out! Days linked to costs

Tearing my hair out! Days linked to costs.

I want to create an app where users can rent things for a few hours, days or weeks from other users with special prices. An hour costs differently than a day and a day costs differently than a week. Have been trying to find a way to charge for the hours between two dates a user enters. How do I achieve this? I need a professional! thanks in advance

Hi @herman ,

Convert the period into number by having number field in collection and update them with difference of date time fields.

The result would be fraction below 1 if it is less than a day, you can use this as conditional to further do actions.

Assuming you have a rental “start date” and “end date”, you simply need to subtract the end date from the start date, store that number, then perform your calculations.

Example for 1 hour:

Example for 1 day:

Example for 1 week:

Then, you simply need to check the value of the calculation and perform your next calculation.

If calculated value is less than 1 (1 = 1 day), charge by the hour. If calculated value is greater than or equal to 1 and less than 7, charge by the day. If calculated value is greater than or equal to 7, charge by the week.


I had the same question as @herman. I followed your reply and understand the logic of what you are saying. What I don’t understand however is the number under each date/time that you generated/posted. Where did you get those numbers from? Did you generate these or is there a conversion formula somewhere? Also where does one store those numbers?

Thanks for the help

You store the start date and end date as datetime parameters and the calculated value as a number parameter in the same collection. The inputs are merely to show you the values and are not necessarily required.


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