Need help on my data base plase

Hi, can someone help me with this, im trying make a reservation app but i want the passengers put the date when the want travel, but if there is another passenger who wants travel on that same day i want add that reservation on that that fay without create another day on my database i just want create the reservation

In my app when the customer make a reservation create a day (on my database)

Hello, so as i understood, each day can have only one user? If that so, please i want to know if how the passenger is choosing the day. Is it from a list component, or from a date picker component?

Hi, Ali

No each day can have multiple users, and the passengers choosing the day from date picker componet and its workin when it create the day my problem is when there is another customer create a reservation and choose the date and/or the date allready exist the logic create the date (and i want if the date of ther reservation allready exist add the new tour on that date)

Ohh okay, so in order to do that, i think you can let the (Create) action “sometimes available” and it’s when the count of the days is equal to 0. And add a filter to it that is (selected date is not equal to the date of the day on the record). And now the action of creating a day will only happen if that day doesn’t exists in your database collection.