(Deck Swiper) Bug on preview mode

Hello! I love this new feature and have made it the main feature of my app however, after previewing the app several times, the deck swiper doesn’t appear when in preview mode and it also makes any other feature on that screen disappear. I’ve tried reloading the app, logging out and back in and deleting and adding more to the database but nothing works, could someone please help?
thanks, A.

Hi @athie, can you post a link to your app? I have not experienced this issue before.

kindly let me know if you notice something or have found a solution

I see there is a filter applied to the deck swiper. If this filter is not met, nothing will be displayed there.


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thank you so much colin!! however i still can see this icon that i’ve uploded which links me to the chat screen any tips on that?

What do you want that icon to do? Or do you mean you don’t want it there?

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