Deck Swiper Card Alignment Issue

Hey guys!

I’m having an issue with the alignment of the cards in my deck swiper on certain screen sizes.

When my deck swiper loads, the first card is off center. When you swipe it off the screen, the rest of the cards re-align to the center. I’ll attach some screen shots below!

Has anyone else run into this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hi Wyatt,

This looks like a bug. @yelkhayami is the developer of the component so he should be able to help. :slight_smile:

@wyttgrvs does that happen outside the previewer too?

Hi! Yes, it happens in both the previewer on certain screen sizes and on my phone.

interesting, and by ‘on your phone’ you mean by going to the url? Not installed as a native app right?

Right. Regardless of browser, as well.

Hey @yelkhayami
Just wanted to see if anyone else had mentioned this issue. Is there anything I can do to help resolve it?

I’m having the same issue. I have no native app yet but just as the same situation that is mentioned above.
I tried everything but couldn’t make it align when the page is visited. Instead it’s being aligned when you start swiping. There must be sonething wrong with the calculations of screen sizes or smth. :man_shrugging:t2:

I too am having this issue. Was just going to live with it, but perhaps a reply here will help with fixing the bug?

Let me know if I need to submit my screenshots to @yelkhayami to help debug it

Hello I post this message because I already use the swiper deck and it worked very well.
But now the deck doesn’t display anything, I just have the continuous loading icon on my preview.
I uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing changes.
someone had the same problem.

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We have the same issue. Can we contact the developer here?

@yelkhayami Hello. Are you the developer of the Deck Swiper component?

Hey Everyone,

@dyankristoper @Akau @bmceuen @wyttgrvs @aguyfromearth

I’ve contacted the developer and he said he’ll be working on a fix for it soon. :slight_smile: