Deck Swiper Card Size

Hello everyone. I am using the deck swiper component and was hoping for more flexibility when it comes to customizing the cards. Some pointers that I had in mind:

  • Changing the height of the card - most devices have taller screens. Having a variable-length card helps in designing for modern designs.
  • Changing the background color (& opacity) of the card.

It’ll be really awesome if someone can point me in the direction of the correct resources about these points.

I believe this is something that @yelkhayami was already looking in to or may have already finished.

Hey Colin. I’ve commented on a more general thread which included this as well. This was about a week back so I assumed that was a dead thread.
@yelkhayami - In case this is something you’ve taken a call on, please do share your thoughts here.
Also if this is a duplicate thread, I would be more than happy to continue this discussion elsewhere.

hey @rohangulati, I might have time for this during the weekend (I wanted to a few more options any way) but I won’t make any promises. Also keep in mind that reviewing / updating the component will take another week or so as that is handled by the adalo team.


Hey thanks man! Glad to hear this is on your radar.

Hey Rohan,

I just published a new version where you can change the background color of the card, as well as resize it both in the width/height. It’ll take a little while (maybe a week or two) for the adalo team to review it and make sure it’s all good.

If this thread gets locked, feel free to reach out on twitter @minimumssstudio



This is a really excellent addon @yelkhayami
I’ve just used it as a central part of my latest app just published. Thanks for making it!

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@yelkhayami That’s awesome! Looking forward to trying these out. Cheers!

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